Getting Your First Tattoo? Read This First!

Getting Your First Tattoo? Read This First!

Getting your first tattoo is a big deal. What ink design will you get, which tattoo artist will you choose and where on your body will you get your tattoo? They’re all important questions to ask.

A tattoo is for life. Well, obviously you can remove a tattoo, but it’s a costly and lengthy affair. That’s why you need to get your tattoo right, particularly your first one. Before you do anything else, read this.

Start with a small tattoo

Planning to get a tattoo to cover a large part of your body? Hold your horses. Getting your first tattoo doesn’t have to be epic. You can start small and build up to something bigger.

A small design is much better for your first go, particularly if you’re feeling a little nervous about getting your first tattoo. Even if you’re not so anxious, starting small means you can add to your design later, as you discover new colours or style ideas you’d love to include.

As a newbie tattoo enthusiast, you should start with a small tattoo so you minimise any risk of ink regret! There’s nothing wrong with designing a large tattoo for your body, but it should take time and planning. Don’t be too ambitious when getting your first tattoo.

Cheaper is not better when getting your first tattoo

Rather than ask where might be the cheapest place to get your first tattoo, find out which tattoo studio will guarantee your health and safety.

Getting your first tattoo must not be done on the cheap. In fact, don’t do any tattoos on the cheap! You must be careful when choosing your tattoo studio.

Tattooing is a profession that takes a tremendous amount of training. Be very wary of a tattooist who claims they can tattoo your skin for a cheaper rate than you’ve found elsewhere. Look after your body, and your design, by choosing a trained, licensed, experienced tattooist with a reliable reputation. It pays to do your research.

Pain relief for tattoos, worth it?

Naturally, you are going to ask yourselves “how much will it hurt?” Pain is subjective and everyone is different, but it’s inevitable you will feel some level of discomfort when getting your first tattoo.

That said, remember there are hundreds of thousands of people who have full sleeve, leg, even full body tattoos; many who have gone back for more. The level of pain may depend on where you choose to tattoo your body, but also your own pain threshold.

There are methods you could take to minimise the pain you may feel getting your first tattoo, these are:

  • Numbing creams. Many tattoo studios say don’t bother with them, but you can buy over the counter creams from your local chemist. Such creams act as nerve blockers and may help to numb the area you are going to get tattooed. Check with your pharmacist, and follow the instructions correctly if you choose to go down this route. Remember some creams will need to be applied up to an hour before your appointment.
  • Medication. This is something to discuss with your medical practitioner as it depends on your personal medical history, but some folk choose to take over-the-counter pain relief to assist with the discomfort of getting a tattoo. Medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen could be considered, but, like numbing creams, they are not always effective. An absolute no-no is to take aspirin when getting your first tattoo, as this will stop the blood clotting process and will make you bleed more. Prescribed medications? Speak to your doctor before considering.
  • Meditation. A relaxed state of mind will go a long way in helping you overcome the discomfort of getting your first tattoo. This doesn’t mean finding a quiet space to sit cross-legged and ‘om’ it out; more so focussing on your breathing to stay relaxed. Google some meditation methods before booking your appointment!

Take your time to decide on your first tattoo

Getting your first tattoo is a big decision, so you don’t want to rush your choice of design. Not sure where to start? Perhaps you are inspired by current tattoo trends, or you’d like something completely different? First things first, do your research. The following places are filled with ink inspiration:

  • Pinterest. Trawl through the hundreds of thousands of tattoo designs on Pinterest, and you’ll be sure to narrow down at least a handful of great ones.
  • Instagram. Social media’s master of visuals, Instagram, is an image sharing app that is sure to inspire your ink. Type in the hashtags #tattoo or #tattooinspiration and check out the accounts @inspirationtatto (just the one ‘o’) or @tattos_of_instagram for ideas.
  • Magazines. INKED and TATTOO are two big tattoo magazines available in newsagents, book stores and possibly even your local library. Check out the most up-to-date tattoo trends or simply flick through to see the ink that most appeals to you.
  • Ask a friend. If you’re unsure what might suit you or where you should get your first ink, your friend might suggest something you’ve not thought of. In some ways, your friends and loved ones know you better than you know yourself! Let your buddies help you choose an ink design and maybe even hold your hand when you take the plunge!

Preparing and caring for your tattoo

Appointment booked? Before getting your first tattoo, make sure you are well rested, stay hydrated, eat well, and ensure your skin is clean. Bring snacks and water with you if you need.

Once your ink is done, and you’re ready to go home, it is important to keep your new tattoo clean with a gentle wash, but avoid long showers or baths. Speak to your tattooist about healing times for your tattoo.

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