How To Design Your Own Tattoo

How To Design Your Own Tattoo

So, you want some new ink, but you would prefer to design your own tattoo. Like many people before you, you aren’t alone in your decision to customise your ink.

Tattoos are permanent, so you want to get it right, which is why so many people choose to design their own. You want your ink to reflect your unique style and personality! Here’s how it’s done.

The process of designing your own tattoo

When you design your own tattoo, you stand out from the crowd because your ink is tailored to you. The easy part is knowing that you want to design your own tattoo. The hardest part is finalising your tattoo, to get it just right.

Designing your own tattoo isn’t hard to do, but how do you go about it? How do you make it happen? The process of designing your own tattoo will follow a pattern like this:

1. Finding inspiration to design your tattoo

When you design your own tattoo, you start your journey with a little research. Begin by searching for ink styles, designs or themes you like via visual imagery websites like Pinterest. Instagram is also a great resource for visual examples. Look for ideas similar to yours by searching for appropriate #tattoo hashtags.

Even a Google search will result in plenty of inspiration for your tattoo design. Whether you’re after design based on a tattoo trend or something completely new, Google will certainly help you on your way to design your own tattoo by tapping in the style of ink you like.

Tattoo magazines are worth a browse, too. There’s INKED, TATTOO and many other similar magazines available online, in newsagents, book stores and possibly even your local library. If you want to design your own tattoo, a tattoo magazine will be up to date with the latest ink news and trends.

Lastly, talk your ideas through with your family and friends. Even though you may have naysayers who tell you not to design your own tattoo, hear them out and discuss what you’re thinking, particularly when it comes to your closest family members. Brainstorm with your nearest and dearest, you might be surprised at what you can come up with between you. No one knows you better than those closest to you, so it’s worth bouncing ideas around with your loved ones.

2. Sketch your tattoo or print out the designs you like

Once you’ve got a firm idea of what you want, gather similar styles together including your own sketches and print outs from the web. If you’ve seen designs you like in tattoo magazines, mark or photocopy the pages that speak to you.

It’s crucial to talk openly with the tattoo artist who will do your design, so make sure you have the plan clear in your own mind first. Even if you’re not very artistic, put together a sketch based on the materials you’ve researched. This will also help your artist get an idea of the size of tattoo you’re after.

3. Find a tattoo artist

You’re not going to be able to design your own tattoo without an experienced, talented tattoo artist. There are plenty of tattoo studios around, and you could walk in off the street, but designing a tattoo from scratch will involve more than one casual visit.

Word of mouth accounts for a lot, so if you know someone with an awesome tattoo, ask who did the artwork for them and get the tattooist’s contact details. Alternatively, pay attention to tattoo studio reviews both online and off. Ask around, Google local tattoo studios or read reviews on relevant tattoo studios’ Facebook pages.

Gold Coast Tattoos, for example, have been in the industry for over 3 decades and have rightly gained a highly regarded reputation for top quality ink in the area.

4. Book an appointment to discuss your tattoo design

Designing your own tattoo means working closely with your chosen tattoo artist. The first appointment you book at a tattoo studio will be to discuss your design with the artist. You’ll work together as a team to draw together your big idea and their practical knowledge of tattoo design to create something you’ll love.

Don’t be surprised if your tattoo artist re-draws your design sketch, even if you’re a great artist yourself, as they will need to ensure the design works with their techniques. They can also give you advice about the best part of your body to carry off the image you’re keen to get inked.

Understandably, all this may take a few visits to ensure your design is 100% right and both you and your tattoo artist are happy.

5. Book your tattoo appointment

You’re almost there. You’ve gone through the process of designing your tattoo, your chosen tattooist has sketched your design, and you are both happy to proceed.

Then it’s time to book an appointment to make your tattoo design an ink reality.

It’s exciting to design your own tattoo and finally book in to make it all happen. If this is the first tattoo, or even if it isn’t, make sure you are adequately prepared for the big day by leaving plenty of time for your artist to work. At this point you should know how long your tattoo will take to complete, and whether it will take just one visit or a few.

Talk to the tattoo experts on the Gold Coast

You’ve got your inspiration, you’ve sketched some rough plans – now’s the time to talk to an experienced, genuine artist who can make your dream a reality.

When you design your own tattoo, you want quality artwork and a tattoo studio that holds a strong reputation. Speak to Gold Coast Tattoos, a family run business with over 30 years’ experience, and talk through your ink designs with someone who knows how to turn them into stunning body art works.

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