Trending Tattoos – The Hottest Tattoos of 2017

Trending Tattoos - The Hottest Tattoos of 2017

Tattoo trends come and go, and some stick around for a long time. Are you planning your next tattoo? You’re probably asking yourself which trending tattoos are on the up for 2017? What’s hot and what’s not in the ink world?

Keeping an eye on trending tattoos helps you decide whether your next ink adventure should be a sign of the times, or a sign that’s uniquely yours. You can draw inspiration from the latest developments in tattoo fashions, or head in the complete opposite direction! Whatever the case, here’s the low down on what’s popular in the world of tattoos in 2017.

Geometric animal outline tattoos

Tattoos that incorporate geometric shapes have been around for several years now; the same amount of time as geometric art has been popular on the scene. 2017’s trending tattoos have seen a shift towards geometric animal outlines.

Popular animals include stags, wolves, bears, elephants and foxes – all represented in the sharp outlines and bold shapes that fit with a geometric design vibe. Picture squares, triangles and circles with bold blocks of colour, or in stark black and white. These are deceptively simple and totally eye-catching! What’s more, you can take this general design concept and make it your own by choosing an obscure animal with personal meaning.

Silhouette tattoos

In the early 2000s, tiny bird silhouettes became trending tattoos, commonly found on the wrists, arms and shoulders of women.

Over a decade later, silhouette tattoos are bigger and bolder than they were before. Trending silhouettes depict someone or something that is visible in restricted light. Choose a picture of a loved one, a pop icon or a scene from nature and showcase it in silhouette for a dramatic effect.

Popular silhouette tattoos include forest scenes on forearms, or huge trees that stretch from the elbow up to the shoulder. Large feathers and birds are poplar on backs and shoulders.

Script ink on the ribs

Rib tattoos have grown in popularity in recent times, for men and women alike. 2017 sees a move towards script-based designs, like quotes, catch phrases or foreign language texts. Scripts can be either horizontal or vertical, and can be created in an impressive array of fonts and colours. If you can type it, we can probably tattoo it! But always choose a reputable tattoo artist to get it just right.

Dotwork landscape tattoos

Scenic landscape tattoos are incredibly popular right now. As mentioned, silhouette forest landscapes are big in the ink world – and dotwork landscapes take that trend to another hot new level.

Dotwork is an intricate way of tattooing, where a simple outline is used to give shape before tiny dots are added to create depth in the design. Such work is tricky to do, and can take a lot of time, but that hasn’t stopped dotwork tattoos trending in 2017. These are particularly popular for first timers who truly want a work of art on their skin. Ocean scenes and mountains work especially well in dotwork, as do orbital or space landscapes and volcanoes.

Popular places to get dotwork tattoos include on the arms from the shoulder down or across the back. Trending tattoos in dotwork form are often created within circular, diamond and triangular frames to add definition.

Fine circles and lines

Both dotwork and geometric tattoos often feature circular shapes. This trend is extended with what’s known as ‘fine circle work’ – another popular tattoo choice for 2017.

In this tattoo style, a series of fine circles sit within each other, creating Celtic images, geometric patterns or designs with a planetary influence.

Intricate fine line tattoos can also incorporate personal interests, such as floral designs, insects, birds, faces or abstract artworks.

Tattoos with vibrant colours

Gone are the days when coloured tattoos were sketchy and dull. Inks have come a long way, which has resulted in an increase in requests for vibrant coloured tattoos.

Try a full length sleeve in bright blues, oranges and pinks – or turn your back into a mobile canvas with a spectacular large-scale art work. It pays to be aware that coloured tattoos may fade over time, but your qualified tattoo artist can give some great tips and tricks for tattoo care. Avoid exposure to the sun, for example, or consider getting your colours renewed after a few years.

Hip tattoos

Inked hips are more of a trend for women – but there are really no rules! Trending tattoos range from tiny, dainty scripts, a flower or small animal around the waistline, through to large rose designs or geometric patterns wrapped around the entire hip.

This area of the body is popular for ink because it can be quite seductive and sexy, but has the added bonus of being easy to hide under clothes.

Be aware, getting a hip tattoo can cause an increased level of pain compared to other areas of the body, because there isn’t much in the way of fat and muscle in this area.

Inner arm tattoos

The softness of the inner arms does not appear to stop people tattooing this part of their bodies. In fact, inner arm ink is now a common area for trending tattoos in men and women!

The beauty of getting a tattoo on your inner arm is the ability to hide or reveal it. Show off your tattoo to your friends by twisting your arm around, or hide it when you turn your arm in. If you need to cover up for work or a special occasion, an inner arm tattoo is far easier to hide than a shoulder, for example.

Undoubtedly, the most popular trending tattoos on the inner arm right now are scripts -big and small.

Make an appointment to speak with a tattoo artist

Tattoos never go out of fashion, but trending tattoos come and go. Knowing what is popular in ink trends gives you the option of making an informed choice for your own tattoo.

Scripts, geometrics and landscapes may not be for you. Or perhaps you are totally inspired by what’s hot in tattoo land right now? Whatever the case, think about what your tattoo will mean to you personally – now and into the future. Before you commit, make an appointment with your local tattoo artist to discuss what type of tattoo is right for you.

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