Where is the Best Place to Get a Tattoo?

Where Is The Best Place To Get A Tattoo?

So you’ve made a decision to get a tattoo. Great! Now you want to know, where is the best place to get a tattoo?

A lot of the decision on where to get a tattoo lies on whether you are OK for your ink to be on display. What profession do you have and is there a stigma attached to employees in your workplace, who have visible tattoos?

Are you employed in the corporate world, where tattoos are deemed inappropriate for the workplace? Perhaps not, and you work in a bar, where tattoos are admired and welcomed.

We will provide you with a few suggestions on places where we think are the best places to get a tattoo.

Arm tattoos

Your arms are probably the most common part of the body to get inked. Depending on your wishes, the best place to get a tattoo on your arm would be determined by the size and style of your chosen design.

Arm tattoos vary from full sleeves, from the shoulder down; to an intricate piece on your wrist.

The beauty of getting any type of tattoo on your arm, even full sleeves from the shoulder down, is the ability to cover up with long sleeve shirts or tops if you need to.

Be aware that the elbow and inner arms are considered to be the places on your body where you may feel the most pain when getting a tattoo.

Tattoos on the nape of your neck

You might not think of your neck as the best place to get a tattoo, but the small nape of your beck, beneath your hairline, is completely different to the front or side, which is much more visible.

The nape of the neck is actually a great spot for a tattoo. Why? Because you can cover it with your hair if it is long enough, or a collar, otherwise show off your tattoo if your hairstyle is short.

Tattoos at the nape of the neck are popular choices for women, who seek an elegant ink pattern in a discreet but elegant spot. Women with longer hair can tie their hair up when they choose to show off their intricate design.

Back tattoos

You might not be looking to ink from your neck down to your waist, although there’s no reason why you can’t! Choosing to tattoo your back means you’ve got a large canvas to cover. Whether you choose where on your back to ink first, or the design itself, the best place to get a tattoo on your back would be:

  • Lower back

Lower back tattoos are most common on women. Such tattoos draw attention to the waistline, and can look stunning when you choose the right design. Ink on your lower back can also start as a base for something bigger down the track. Popular designs for ink in this area include Celtic, floral, leaves or scripts.

  • Down your spine

If you’ve chosen your spine as the best place to get a tattoo, as a lot of others do, you’ve got a large area to work with.

Your spine is daring place to get inked, because it is a fragile part of your body, but also one of the most alluring places to get a tattoo.

Work with the length of your spine and you’ve got a centrally placed tattoo that will be the envy of others. Choose to cover it entirely, or expose as you wish.

  • Upper back

Upper back tattoos are positioned anywhere between your shoulder blades, or the larger area covering one shoulder across to the other. This is a dazzling spot to get inked, and for a lot of people, the best place to get a tattoo.

Men can choose to cover or uncover their upper back tattoo with or without a shirt, whereas women with an upper back tattoo, can choose to reveal their tattoos by wearing lower back dresses or tops.

Back tattoos on the upper part of your back can be stunning. Such designs include mandalas, tribal designs, eagles, and intricate patterns symbolising nature.

  • Shoulder

Shoulder tattoos have come a long way since those tiny black butterfly and dolphin tattoo trends of the 90s.

Because the shoulder is a large area to cover, beautiful designs can reach right from the back of your body, over the top of your shoulder and down past your collarbone, if you wish.

Some choose the shoulder as the best place to get a tattoo, because again, this area of the body can be covered or exposed, depending on your chosen attire.

Such designs include colourful trees, birds and floral patterns on women, whereas tribal designs are more commonly seen on men.

Leg tattoos

Your legs are the best place to get a tattoo if your profession does not frown upon ink.

Inked legs can look stunning when done right, but you do have to bear in mind, particularly with the climate in Queensland, that your legs are the least likely part of the body to be covered.

Obviously the upper part of your leg, your hips for example, are more less likely to be exposed than say your ankle or calf, so you’ll have to think about whether the exposure of your ink will interfere with your profession or personal circumstance.

If the aforementioned ink exposure doesn’t bother you, then do have a look at some tattoo designs ideas online, which cover your calves and ankles. We have inked some of our most striking designs on lower legs. Just bare in mind that the fattier part of your calf at the top of your leg is less painful to ink than the thinner part and ankle.

Talk to a tattoo artist

The best place to get a tattoo would depend on your individual circumstance, but also where you would most like to see your ink.

To help pick your chosen design, and discuss the best place to get a tattoo, get in touch with a tattoo artist. He or she will help you work out what type of tattoo is best for you and your body.

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