All You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal

All You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal

Do you have regrets about a particular tattoo? Before you decide how to deal with it, you need to consider your options.

You booked into the tattoo parlour preparing to get the most incredible work of art, unfortunately your high expectations have been met with a grim reality. The amazing tattoo you thought you were getting has left you feeling underwhelmed. However, there is not just the one standard reason a person may want their tattoo removed. There are several.

Who can benefit from tattoo removal

So you have reached the point where you no longer want to look at ‘that’ tattoo any longer. It simply pains you, angers you and shows you just how much you have changed over the years. Let’s start with the most common reasons men and women want to get a tattoo removed.

  • Loved and lost—you wanted to declare your love for your significant other, make the big, grand gesture because you thought they were ‘the one’. Unfortunately for far too many, this is a sad and sorry tale—especially if they have ‘Stacey’ or ‘David’ prominently tattooed on their body and a new spouse named Maria or Sam who doesn’t want to see a constant reminder of their lover’s former lover.The love that had so much passion crashed and burned, and has left you with a daily reminder of how things went so wrong. No one wants to relive that heartache!
  • Poor-quality workmanship—this can be disastrous for a person’s well being, as a dodgy tattoo can leave you feeling self-conscious, which has the potential to progress into anxiety. There are many explanations for receiving a poor-quality tattoo:
  • a) You didn’t research the tattoo parlour and its artists before going under the needle; possibly because you were just in a rush to get it done or perhaps because you were under the influence of alcohol. *It is advised that you do not consume any alcohol the day prior to getting your tattoo as it thins the blood and results in too much bleeding. You can read more about preparing for your tattoo here.
  • b) You opted to use a tattooist who is a mate of a mate. This isn’t always a bad thing but when he does it from his back shed over a couple beers on a Sunday afternoon with little light, and minimal experience or little concern for health and safety, it is fairly safe to say you are not going to end up with a masterpiece you will be proud to show off.
  • c) You have matured and grown over the years and your once very-much-loved tattoo no longer fits your lifestyle.

Tattoo removal

So you’re considering getting your tattoo removed. You will want to make an informed decision, so don’t choose the dodgy backyard option and end up with more regrets. There have been many methods trialled over the years—from dermabrasion to the application of ink-lightening substances such as lime or wine—but if you are currently in the market for tattoo removal, modern technology means that laser tattoo removal is your best option. Find out below exactly how tattoo removals are performed by the specialists.

Laser removal

Everyone says a tattoo is forever but a bad one doesn’t have to be. With the help of specialist equipment and trained staff, you can have your tattoo removed safely and hygienically.

  • How does it work? Bursts of specially targeted laser light energy cause areas of your tattoo to fragment, which allows your body to reject the fragmented ink. Each treatment will result in your tattoo becoming lighter but it is important to know that results are not instantaneous. It takes time.
  • How many treatments are required? It is entirely dependent on your tattoo and future tattoo plans. You will need to speak to a trusted and experienced tattoo removal expert about the position, size and colours of your tattoo to determine how many treatments will be required. If your plans are to have a cover-up tattoo done, you may only need one or two treatments to partially lighten your tattoo so the new and improved art can take centre stage.
  • How long do sessions last? Each session typically lasts for 20 to 30 minutes with six weeks in between each treatment.
  • Does laser removal hurt? Yes it does, but, just like a tattoo, it is tolerable pain. With the assistance of a topical anaesthetic to numb the area, you can make laser treatments almost pain-free.
  • How much does it cost? You have heard it is expensive and are unsure if you can afford it; this is the mindset of most people but that isn’t always the case. Again, it really depends on the size of your tattoo, the colouring, boldness and area the tattoo is positioned. Your tattoo removal expert will be able to advise you of price when you speak to them.
  • How long does healing take? If you are concerned that you will be unable to work or will be laid up for days, don’t be. Technological advances over the past few years have meant that the laser tattoo removal procedure has simplified and healing requires little to no downtime.
    The healing process focuses on keeping your tattoo cool and clean so if you follow the instructions of the laser removalist, the healing time can be anywhere from five days to two weeks.
  • How will the tattoo feel after treatment? You should expect your skin to feel similar to mild sunburn: tender and a little bit sensitive but not excessively painful.

No longer do you have to just accept your dodgy tattoo, effective tattoo removal can eliminate the constant reminder of that lapse in judgement. Whether you are opting to completely remove your tattoo or are planning to cover up one you aren’t happy with, you can reclaim your confidence. Complete tattoo removal or cover-up will leave that dodgy tattoo, bad choices and unsightly artwork behind and give you skin you can love and want to show the world.

Gold Coast Tattoos are the go-to specialists for tattoo removal for many unhappy tattoo recipients because they offer a simple, easy and effective option to completely remove tattoos.

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